Friday, 1 May 2015

Sign your Name

Whether wood, slate metal or glass an house sign or number can add a certain something to the exterior of your property. It is also the key indicator for the delivery man carrying all your home improvement orders!

An oak post with iron bracket Visit for more information

Whilst renovating our home we had regular deliveries from vans, lorries and even tractors!  With a small sign low to the ground at the end of a track, we were difficult to find.  We now have a tall oak post sign, so we are easy to locate and deliveries arrive on time!

Attractively aged this metal sign is available
from for £75

Here are my top 5 tips when choosing your house sign:

1. Select a material that will compliment your home - a modern home might suit a glass or metal house number or sign, whereas an older property might be enhanced by slate or wood

2. Make sure the text is big enough to be visible from the road and there is a clear view to it, not hidden behind a tree, lamp post or pot plant!

A striking brush stainless steel sign would look fantastic 
on a modern property. See
3. Pick a font that is fairly simple and not overly scripted as it might be difficult to decipher

4. Raise it up!  Putting a sign too low to the ground or on a low gate post could mean that drivers miss you

5. Bring out your inner Blue Peter and make a template of the sign from an old newspaper.  Secure it in place and stand back to make sure you have a clear view and that the size is correct (watch out for traffic!)
An arresting slate sign for £69,

A well postitioned sign in a sympathetic material really can make your home stand out, increase curb appeal and stop you waiting in for online orders that never arrive!
This wood plaque with brass backing from
 Timpson oozes period charm. From £30

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