Tuesday, 2 June 2015

TOP TEN Teen Tittivations (for a boy's den)

If you asked my boys, a good hang-out merely needs a console and large TV.
However, in order to make it more appealing as a 'den'
I found some great pieces to tittivate!

I love these retro wall transfers for the boy's games room

Here are my Top Ten Teen Tittivations:

1. High Back Gaming Bean Bags  

These really are fantastic for gaming, watching TV or just hanging out as they give support to the back of your neck and arms when you sit grasping your controller! It is worth buying extra polystyrene beans every now and again as they do depress relatively quickly. Ours have proven to be very hard-wearing! We purchased them from Beautiful Beanbags.  One thing to note is that ours are sized Mega XXL (£59.99) - a must for teens sized males as the smaller sizes are just too small! Available in many colours and material finishes from: www.beautifulbeanbags.co.uk.

2. Wall Tranfers (Decal)

Easy to fix to the wall these transfers are 'boy proof'
I love these wall transfers!

You simply secure the transfer with its backing papers to the wall using decorators tape at the top. Then, pressing firmly and with a downward sweeping movement, you peel the backing nearest the wall away using something to smooth out any bubbles. Once the transfer is on the wall the top paper peels away with ease.  Voila!

This decal design is no longer available but there are many to choose from Happy Wallz on Etsy.com for around £60. www.etsy.com.

3. Brick wallpaper

I wish I had seen this before we finished the  boys room. I love it! A friend has recently put this in her boys den and it looks fantastic (Sarah King!). It is available from Next for £15 a roll visit:www.next.co.uk.

4.  Table Tennis 

This has to be one of our best buys ever!  The boys are constantly playing (when they can muscle the adults off!). We chose one can be folded up out of the way when not being used so if we did not have space to have it up permanently we could easily store to one side of the room. Visit: www.table-tennis-tables.co.uk.

5. Table Football

We have had this table football for years and it still provides endless hours of fun for children and adults alike.  Again it folds to keep out of the way.  This one was from John Lewis, and they sell now for £150 for the one pictured.  Visit their website via the link: www.johnlewis.com

6.  Jumbo Footstool

For the boys I needed solution that hid clutter. Shelves only end up a mess - if things ever make it that far!  I found this great storage footstool which houses games, table tennis bats and any detritus that I fling in while on my rounds! Sold by The Sit and Sleep Shop on Ebay for only £39.95 it is robust enough to take the wear and tear! Link to their site by clicking:  www.ebay.co.uk.

7. The OK Hand Chair

This is a real feature! The Ok Hand Chair available from Designer Sofas 4 U currently for £187.  Visit their website via the link to see
more: www.designersofas4u.co.uk

8.  PS4 Gel Controller Covers

Perhaps one of the items the boys were most excited about were the gel covers for the PS4 controllers.  A perfect way of giving ownership to the controller (that way they re-charge and look after them!). Although they are not designed to protect the controllers they add more cushioning than they would have otherwise! Available from Ebay for £3.99 each. Follow the link: www.ebay.co.uk.

9. London Rug

I love this London Rug.  Great for a teen boy' s hangout. Comes in two sizes 6ft x 4ft  for £175  or 8ft x 5 ft 7 for £335. Visit the website of The Rug Seller for more information via the link:www.therugseller.co.uk.

10. Oggz

These portable atmospheric LED mood lamps fade and change colour giving a great ambient feel to a boy's den while watching a film or gaming. Stick them on the floor, on shelves or on the TV cabinet for setting the mood and feeling the vibes! For only £10 for 3 they are a bit of fun for a boys night in! See www.amazon.co.uk for details.

I hope you have enjoyed my Top Ten Teen Tittivations for a boy's den.

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