Sunday, 24 May 2015

Light up, light up! Large Metal Top
Washed Lantern £49
As the weather warms up, relaxing outside during the evening with a chilled glass of wine is becoming more of  a possibility.

Barbecuing for family or friends and actually eating outside rather than rushing inside out of the cold is almost upon us.

But as the balmy nights draw out, how do you light the table setting or seating area so you can still see?

This is our first summer since the house was finished so I am planning to buy garden lanterns.  I would love your thoughts on which I should plump for?

See what you think of this selection and please let me know if you have any more ideas....

Nordic House offer these stunning lanterns, visit
them at:
The lanterns pictured left are from Nordic House at £145 for the extra large tall (113cm tall) and extra large square (83cm tall) , or £135 for the large tall (94cm high).

Red Lilly have created these rustic Round Metal Frame Lanterns (below) available through Not On the High Street for £26.90 per item.  They stand at 28.5cm high.
Link to see more:

I love these Stornoway Lanterns from Garden Trading (below). Available in charcoal (pictured), powder blue and clay. They are great for the middle of the table, as at 32cm you can still see the person opposite you!
Stornoway Lanterns £30, from Garden Trading:

I thought this lantern was a bit different (below), it is the La Hacienda Glass Globe Candle Lantern £30 at 24cm high from John Lewis.

La Hacinda Glass Candle Lantern £30 John Lewis:

 Black metal Box Lantern from John Lewis:
This striking black metal lantern (above) from John Lewis is available for £40, height 40cm.

Iron and Clay Rivet Lantern from House of Fraser
I really like this Iron and Clay Rivet Lantern from House of Fraser (above).  Standing at 37cm high it is available for £54.99. House of Fraser also have these unusual wooden lanterns (below).  Available in two sizes in white or black, £14.99 for 15cm lantern or £24.99 for the 20cm lantern.

Visit House of Fraser at:
to see these unusual wooden lattice lanterns.

This stunning lantern is available from Concept East
This tall thin lantern (above) from Concept East Coast is a real feature lantern. It is available for £145 and stands at a proud 84cm high.

Battery powered for ultimate ease!
If you prefer to switch on and go, this battery powered large white garden lantern from Charlies Direct might suit you.  Available for £29.99 it is 71cm high.

I would love to know what you think  - please help me choose my garden lanterns by giving me your ideas in my comments section!

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